OEM Developments , ODM  Products and Customized Solutions

Expertise in electronics design and engineering make Permalight (Asia) Co., Ltd, the ideal OEM partner for producing light modules, circuit boards,  complete luminaries, etc.

Upon request and depending on quantities we supply Pila® and Parat® X-treme  lights with Customer’s Logo and customized packing.

Under OEM we design, engineer and produce Light Modules (MILSPECS) , complete light assemblies, torches, searchlights,  battery chargers, etc. Please contact us for details.

Parat® X-treme  - Supplied with logo and under OEM to well-know international safety companies


Pila® GL2 modified to special requirements.


Pila®- LED Modules (Milspecs)  - Developed  for and supplied to major defence contractors.

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